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Wendy Weiss MBA, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO
(857) 999-8116

Wendy Weiss is keenly interested in helping her clients make excellent financial decisions for themselves and the people they love most. She knows clients want someone who is honest, respectful and takes the complexity out of finance for them.

She founded Weiss Financial Advisors, LLC. to provide that type of service. It is a boutique firm that puts clients’ interests first. In other words, we are fiduciaries. We spell out our responsibilities to them in our Planning Agreement and Privacy Policy before they are asked to commit to anything. We also clarify our compensation for each type of planning and investing service (link to view our Compensation of Services) That way, you can decide if it makes sense to work with us.

Clients often want guidance. They want to understand recommendations, and the impact on their lives, before they decide to act. Since she spent eight years as a college professor, she makes complex concepts understandable. And she welcomes all questions. This helps clients make intelligent decisions about their money and their future.

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