Compensation for Services

Compensation for Services


Weiss Financial Advisors, LLC. help clients (single or couples) resolve specific issues and/or build the future they want for themselves and the ones they love.

Planning is an excellent place to start. It takes the complexity out of money issues. Clients begin thinking about what is important, asking questions, and deepening their understanding. At the same time, they take advantage of guidance from experienced professionals. We help them answer their original questions, and as an added bonus, build greater financial security.

Clients have the option of paying by the hour for a specific issue. Or they can select from the issues clients often want to address. These have Fixed Fees. They are listed to the right.

1. Retirement Planning

$ 1,500

2. Planning for the loss of a life partner

$ 1,500

3. Estate Planning Coordination in the digital age

$ 1000

4. Meeting with heirs to help them understand your decisions

$ 1500

5. Funding college for children, grandchildren, etc.

$ 500

6. Helping your Aging Parents

$ 1,000

Compensation for Investing

Weiss Financial Advisors, LLC. offers investing advice and portfolio management. Compensation for both is pretty standard. It is based on a percentage of the value of the account on the last day of each quarter. The percentage starts at 0.25% per quarter or 1% annually. These percentages are reduced as the value of the accounts increase. Accounts can be combined (by family and/or household) to take advantage of the lowered fees.

Please review the Table of Fees for Services, a format required by the Massachusetts Department of Securities.



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