Concerned about your retirement security?

You were smart about your future. You responsibly socked away a portion of your income, every paycheck, so you could enjoy the next phase of your life.

You probably watched your accounts rise at an amazing rate from 2009 to a high in 2021. But then 2022 dawned, and the dollars in your accounts seem to drop like a stone. If you decided to retire before 2022, the promise of security evaporated.

What can you do now?

Build Resilience in Retirement

How? Start to think differently. Recognize that you have more resources than those accounts. List yours. Then start to think about the ways you could use each to improve your situation.

Resilient folks know that each resource offers you a set of options. To build a resilient retirement you need to clarify the possibilities each one opens to you. Then test the ones you and your partner think have the greatest potential benefits. Keep score. Figure out which ones work and distinguish them from the one that are too risky (or too costly) to implement. Next step, organize them into a plan of action.

Does it sound like testing and weighing your options takes too much time? Well, time is what retirees have in abundance. So, try this out yourself. Or better yet, or consult someone with experience to develop a careful plan of action.

What can you achieve? First, you may be able to reduce your withdrawals from your retirement accounts early and/or delay starting Social Security. Both are excellent outcomes. Withdrawing less now can increase your financial security in your later years. Now that makes a lot of sense.

I am writing a book, Building Resilience in Retirement©. It may take some time to publish. However, I have developed a series of tests that you could use today.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, to see if this can work for you. Click on this to schedule a free 15-minute appointment. We can use that time to decide if it makes sense for you to work together to build a resilient retirement.