Concerned about your retirement security? You were smart about your future. You responsibly socked away a portion of your income, every paycheck, so you could enjoy the next phase of your life. You probably watched your accounts rise at an amazing rate from 2009 to a high in 2021. But then 2022 dawned, and the…

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Your Money and Your Adult Children

Picture of an old woman with a girl

Ruth Nemzoff and Wendy Weiss | Sep 28, 2021 As our lives lengthen, our relationships to our children change. As both we and they undergo changes, so to do the issues we have to address. None is thornier than the problem of money, our money, and its transfer to our children. There are so many…

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Why Women Make Better Investors than Men

Image of an old woman

Wendy Weiss | Aug 11, 2021 When it comes to admitting that women are better at certain things, men have a difficult time conceding any degree of supremacy. One of the more contentious debates in the gender stakes is over which is the better driver – the male or female of the species.  Of course,…

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